Processable materials

Materials that can be machined with our lasers: With the ablation laser machining process the best accuracy and surface quality is achieved when machining steel or graphite. With conventional methods the machining of tungsten carbide is time consuming and difficult, for this material the laser can offer a interesting solution. The laser offers  a possibility to machine difficult treatable materials, for example, non-conducting technical ceramics or very hard materials such as PCD and CBN.

-Toolsteels — Mould toolsteels, high speed steels, powder metallurgical steel — Soft or hardened. -Copper -Also Volfram- and Beryllium copper -A graphite quality with fine grain size gives best results. Graphite is a much better to machine than copper when manufacturing  sink erosion electrodes -Tungsten carbide with a fine grain size gives best results. -Cubic Boron Nitride, one of the hardest known material after diamond -Poly Crystalline Diamond -Technical ceramics such as: Aluminium oxide (Al2O3),Silicon nitride(Si3N4) and Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) -Graphite -Carbides -CBN -PCD -Ceramics -Titanium -Aluminium -Brass -Bronze -Silver -Gold

Materials which are not processable with Nd:YAG lasers:

-Glass -Wood